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11th October 2005

12:59pm: tsushimami-who?
heads up to those who are interested. TsuShiMaMiRe (from the pillows concert at kingking) will be returning to l.a. this november. they'll be playing at king king again. if anyone is willing to help promote them (i.e. hand out flyers to local businesses), please let me know and i'll get some of the flyers to you.
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5th October 2005

10:04pm: say what!?
jin speaks english!!!!????
Current Mood: surprised

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4th October 2005

10:03pm: the best thing on television... evah!
my apt building is famous!!. next time you see the jack in the box commercial about how bread is back, look for the evanston sign that jack is standing in front of with the giant fan and big pile of bread. that's the roof of my building.. so exciting.
Current Mood: amused

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19th August 2005

9:04pm: omg
live action voltron -- release date --2007.. O_o
Current Mood: shocked

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27th July 2005

9:10pm: the sound of ..music..
god i love streaming radio. my wish list for cds has exploded in size since i started listening to it at work..
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25th July 2005

1:47pm: *sigh*
God is laughing at me right now.
Current Mood: cranky

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6th June 2005

12:15pm: .....
damn. i guess i'm it now. uh.. how does this work??
ummmmCollapse )
Current Mood: crazy

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12th May 2005

12:36pm: leaving on a jet plane
i'm nervous, excited, scared and eager. i know the next two weeks are gonna be a blur, but the hole in my bank account is gonna be so worth it. pray that i don't end up living in a lost episode, or eaten by nessie .
Current Mood: exhausted

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7th May 2005

10:29am: toy surprise inside
i was watching tv today, and they were advertising the fantastic four toys. is it just me, or does the invisible woman toy just seem like, well, false advertising? she's like half coloured and the other half is this clear plasticky thing. how is that invisible? i think they should strive for reality. imagine this, you buy your kid the invisible woman toy, kid opens the box, nothing. you could package it as "toy guarenteed to be invisible"..
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29th March 2005

2:42pm: stupidity
What next?
Current Mood: exhausted

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22nd March 2005

7:46pm: today sucked @$$
today wins worse day of the year. here's a rundown of how much it sucked.

-lost my bus pass first thing in the morning
-left my umbrella at home
-after work, i left my keys and phone in my desk. (sis not due back til late)
-no money to call sis
-slipped and fell down the wet escalator at union station (had it not been for my back pack, i would have slid all the way to the bottom)
-got sprayed by bus on my way back to the apt.

thank god for collect-calls. i had to call my mother, who called my sister, who then came back to let me into the apt. >_<

i'm going to bed now, and i will not leave it until the day is over.
Current Mood: sore

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20th March 2005

12:24am: manna from heaven
st pat would be proud. i actually went drinking on his day. highlights.

-green beer, over-rated but still pretty to look at

-crowded pub with various european accents

-ray feeding reuban gelato.. the pic ed took was priceless

but the best part of the night was the bagpipers and drummer in their kilts,sporrans, and tams. i wanted to hear them play scotland the brave, but was too much of a coward to ask, so ray did. and it rocked my world. everyone should listen to scotland the brave played live. just ask whiski hmm.. or maybe it's just me...

and then friday night was all you can eat korean bbq. i think between the 5 of us, we went through 3 cans of gas and like 3 ginourmous plates of pure meat. mmmmm. and it was fun.
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11th March 2005

12:30pm: god how i love malaysia
i tell you.. only in malaysia.. or perhaps i should say.. only malaysians..

Current Mood: amused

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7th March 2005

1:44pm: are you the cow of pain?
thee out mods. exactly what i expect a japanese highschool band to look like. for the 30 odd minutes they played, i could almost imagine i was in japan. especially as a majority of people there were speaking in japanese. i think it's the first time i've been to a concert where those of caucasian descent were the minority.

highlight of the night :- tempura green tea icecream with chocolate sauce... i heart.. i heart big time.

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17th February 2005

2:09pm: i heart e.b.e
i went to catch everybody else at the troubadour on tuesday and it was great!! i swear, everytime i see them, i just fall more and more in love with them and their music. mike rocks my world. his ability to drum and play the keyboard at the same time just floors me (especially when he's got one drumstick stuck in his mouth, like a lil puppy wiff a bone..aww). carrick's voice is amazing, it's so soothing and yet not. and nate is just great, would that i could play like him. i love how they look like they are having so much fun performing, quite unlike some bands. i must go to more of their shows.. i must.

also performing that night was i hate kate. also known as ex-zebrahead. i've been wanting to catch them for awhile now, and i couldn't believe it when i heard they were playing at troubadour with e.b.e. i was so there. they have this song called "i'm in love with a sociopath". extremely catchy.

many thanks to whiski , as without her, i would have been reduced to riding the bus, which i was perfectly willing to do for e.b.e. but not having to was much nicer. plus concerts are more fun with a friend.

"i think they're having an epileptic fit"
Current Mood: hungry

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14th February 2005

1:40pm: Happy Valentinesss
i want the allblacks to be my valentine. all 65+ of them...... well, maybe just the active ones.
Current Mood: happy

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10th February 2005

12:57pm: lazy buggers
laziest person i've ever seen in my life.

lazy bugger, henceforth to be known as l.b. was sitting in her car, at one of those parking gates. you know, the ones where you push a button, take your ticket, the gate rises, and you drive on in. l.b was sitting there for a good 10 minutes, with an ever growing line of cars behind. finally, the driver in the car directly behind l.b. gets out, and walks to l.b's window. next thing i know, the driver is pushing the button, picking up the ticket and handing it to l.b. apparently l.b. was too far away from the button, and did not want to get out of the car to get the ticket. and it wasn't as if l.b was a gimp, she pulled in, parked, and proceeded to walk with nary a limp, or some hideous defect that would have prevented her from getting out of the car, walking two steps, and pushing a button.

here's a list of events happening soon, if anyone is interested.

*usa 7s rugby - saturday and sunday (feb 12 and 13)at the home depot center. cost is 20 bucks with student id
*concert in hollywood on feb 14th.. more info later. along the lines of battle of the bands.. i think..
*concert at the troubadour feb 15th.- everybody else (i luff.luff..luff), i hate kate (lead singer of zebrahead's new band) and umm. some other people who will be just as um. cool
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17th January 2005

1:36pm: mute
i am now officially mute. i lost my voice over the weekend due to a certain amount of enthusiastic screaming and yelling bouts with friends (whom i haven't seen in ages) in san diego. more about that and the marines later. all i can say is, it's damn hard not being able to talk. pointing and miming is a pain in the rear. and i don't write fast enough...:(
Current Mood: and quiet

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27th December 2004

7:50pm: catnapped!!!
sushi has been catnapped by my mother.

it amuses me how much they (my mum and dad) adore sushi. it's to the point where my mum carries her around the house, naps with her, and get this, even reads to her. O_o.

other than the missing sushicat, life is okay. i got enough christmas moolah to pay for a ticket to europe (yay), a blender (mmm.. smoothies), taiko no tatsujin (who knew 'toxic' would ever be considered proper for taiko), a cinnamaroll doll (soft and squishy), chococat salt and pepper shakers (too cute to use), chococat pillow (also soft and squishy) and a national geographic subscription (12 months of exploding volcanoes and nature.. too cool for words).
Current Mood: morose

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23rd December 2004

11:39pm: blast from the past
jem is now out on dvd...O_o.. i think i must buy all 3 seasons of it... what's the bet though, it probably isn't as good as i remember. should i corrupt my memories of the series??

..jem, jem is excitement... oooo.. jem, jem is adventure oooo glamour and glitter, fashion and fame.....
Current Mood: nostalgic

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9th December 2004

2:17pm: and they say the british have no sense of humour
exhibit 1.

a nativity scene in which the beckhams are mary and joseph, and bush is a wise man...

holy mary and joseph

'nuff said
Current Mood: amused

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12th November 2004

2:23pm: ..O_o
1. missed everybody else. >_< sadness..
2.love those brits such a great idea http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/dorset/4003125.stm
3. missed everybody else.. more sadness

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11th November 2004

1:48pm: lucky bastards
everybody else is playing westwood plaza at lunch tomorrow, and i'll be stuck here, at work, downtown, 45 minutes away. i want to cry...
Current Mood: sad

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27th September 2004

12:33pm: ...
so yeah. my internet has been down (oh sbc, why hast thou forsaken me??) hence the lack of pictures of the sushicat.(in case you're wondering how i'm updating, it's lunchtime at work, if you weren't...well.. now you know anyways) she's settling in quite nicely, which, as soon as sbc decides to love me again, you will all see in a huge montage of baby kitten pics. i swear, sometimes i'm afraid to think of how i'll behave with my children if my treatment of sushi is any indication. but nuff gushing about the sushi. i'll wait until i have pictures to back me up..

side note.. him is playing at the wiltern this december. i'm so there, especially since i missed their last concert, and the wiltern is like a hop, skip and a jump away from my place. woot.
Current Mood: awake

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21st September 2004

11:09pm: awww..
we finally got to bring sushi home today. she's the cutest, most adorable-est kitten ever. i guess i should explain. sushi is my cat, well, kitten actually, and i guess it's more of a joint custody sort of deal. we found her at a local animal shelter, sitting in her bowl. i think we fell in love with her on sight. she's got the prettiest eyes, and when she stares at you, it's hard not to melt.

her ears remind me of a bobcat's, her body is spotted like a cheetah on top, and zebra striped below. she's a bit of a mix in colour. sometimes she looks brown, other times she looks grey. i bet y'all are thinking she looks odd, but she doesn't, but i guess you'll have to see her to believe me. i'd promise to post pictures.. but i never get round to it, so.... no promises this time.

i spent the entire evening messing with her. so far, it looks like her favourite toys are the ones that don't cost us a dime. for instance, she loves her ball of aluminum foil, and a long flexible strip of cardboard. both of which will entertain her (and me) for hours....
Current Mood: jubilant

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